Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last call

Auditions are Saturday.  We can hardly believe it ourselves.  The final schedule just went out by email.  If you contacted us to schedule an audition, you should now have received two scheduling emails from us.  Please contact us if you are not receiving our emails!

If you are still wondering, reading and rereading, wanting to tell your story, but unsure, we do have a time slot or two open. Email us ( and ask for an audition time. 

For you brave, wonderful people who are on our schedule for Saturday: Yes, it's a little scary (it's really not) and yes, it's hard to speak your soul with the possibility of not being cast.  Keep in mind that your listeners will be two women who have told their own stories in public and know how vulnerable it feels.  We'll honor your story and your courage even if we can't cast you this year.

Read this about the magic of auditions and the hell of casting by National Director Ann Imig. I promise, you won't be sorry, whether you're in the audience or at the podium on show day.


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