Who can audition? 

Anyone who is a writer and who has written or wants to write about motherhood in some respect.  We need a piece of writing that you can read aloud in five minutes or less.

Do I have to be a mother?

No.  You have to a writer with something to say about motherhood or mothers or mothering in any of its endless variations.  Single-motherhood, Married, Working, Staying at Home, Grand, Step, Adoptive, Young, Old, To One, To Ten. Infertility.  Write about your partner, your own mother, your hopes to be a mother, it's in your hands.

Am I a Writer?

Have you written something? Are you not sure if it's good? Do you think it may be good? Do you worry it may be bad? Have you never been published, never submitted anything for publication? Have you been published? As long as you answer "yes" to the first question you are a Writer and we encourage you to audition!

Am I an Actor? 

If you are, well fantastic! If you're not, don't worry. We're not looking for previous public speaking experience or a performance-ridden resume. We are looking for women who, after a few run-throughs, will be comfortable and engaging on stage reading their own work.

How do auditions work?

If you are interested in auditioning email us at ListenToYourMotherSpokane@gmail.com. We will send you back information including your audition time (which can be flexible). We will answer any questions you have about the appropriateness of your work, time commitments, etc. On the audition day you will come, meet Elise and Stacey (who are pretty easy going if they do say so themselves), read, and leave. That's it! We will be in touch with everyone the following week to share our decisions and next steps.