Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What kind of reading?

I'm not sure what you're looking for?

An essay? A poem? A story?

Do I have to be a mother?

That's the beauty of it. We're not looking for anything in particular; at least, we're not looking for any form in particular.

We're looking for you. Your words. Your perspective. Your unique voice on motherhood.

An essay? Sure. My readings are in what might be called short essay form. This post made the top 100 blogposts for BlogHer Voices of the Year last year. (BlogHer has a community reading event similar to LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, although not focused on motherhood.) And here's another more recent example of my work that might work well for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER.

But, these are only ideas. Mine is only one style.

A poem? Yes. A story? Yes. A moment in time, described in gorgeous detail? Absolutely. An editorial on a passionate issue? Yes. About your mother? Perfect. Your wife or partner as a mother? Fabulous. The kind of mother you'd like to be some day? Yes. A spoof? We'd love it. Infertility? Without doubt. Adoption? Yes.

You needn't be a certain kind of mother.  You needn't be a mother at all.

My words are too heartbreaking. They aren't.

I think of motherhood in funny or ironic terms. Make us laugh.

There aren't any rules to this. Wit. Wisdom. Heartache. Poignancy. Show us your heart.

You can see the video of the Madison 2010 LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER show here. Read National Director Ann Imig's lovely words on auditioning. We direct you there only for guidance, we want our show to be as unique as you are.

Be inspired and then be you. Come and read for us. Auditions are February 26. Email us at

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Come On, We Know You Have It In You!

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER seeks Spokane writers to read their own original essays on any aspect of motherhood at the Lair Auditorium, Spokane Community College, for one 3:00 p.m. performance on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, 2011.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, February 26 at Manito Methodist Church on the corner of 32nd and Grand Blvd.  Audition times are by appointment only.

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER began in Madison, Wisconsin last year as the brilliant concept of stay-at-home-humorist Ann Imig.  The Spokane show is directed and produced by local moms, writers and bloggers Stacey Conner and Elise Raimi.

All ages, types, backgrounds and experience-level writers are invited to audition.  LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is a community-oriented celebration of the beauty, the heartbreak, the trials and triumphs that is MOTHERHOOD.  No previous stage experience is necessary.  Bring your own original, humorous, poignant, painful, joyful and soulful words on mothering.  Previously published work accepted as long as the author retains full rights or has express permission to read the work for this event.

Commitment for cast members includes two group read-throughs in April and a pre-performance run-through at the Lair Auditorium prior to the show.

To schedule an audition time for Saturday, February 26, please email Include your name and your availability on February 26 for an appointment.  (Please also email us with questions or if you are in need of encouragement!)

We would love to listen to your words.  Come and audition and help us to create a new Spokane Mother’s Day tradition.