Ann Imig National Director, Director/Producer--Madison, WI writes fiction, humor, and essays after her two young boys fall asleep at night--before she herself collapses. Ann still wonders how she managed to conceive of, direct, and produce the premier of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER considering she barely finds time to shower. Before spawning, Ann received her BA in Theater & Drama from UW Madison, sold very expensive airtime for syndicated television, and threw in a Masters in Social Work from the University of Chicago for kicks.  Now a Stay-at-home humorist, Ann's writing includes notes of Midwestern sensibility, Jewish humor, and the occasional 1980's sitcom reference. Her writing has appeared on McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Errant Parent, Humor Press, Women On Writing, and various other humor and writing websites. She was recently featured on Wisconsin Public Radio's Veronica Ruekert Show. Ann blogs at

Stacey Conner Director/Producer--Spokane, WA loves chai tea lattes, bed time and being at home with her children. She hates the cold, finger paints and play dough. She wants to be a writer. No, wait, she is a writer. With four kids five and under, life is messy, but never boring. She blogs about life with a toddler herd, adoption, trans-racial parenting and other issues, big and small, at Her first historical romance novel is published serially at Summer Connolly Romance.

Elise Raimi Producer--Spokane, WA had her first baby's ultrasound on the only working ultrasound machine in Liberia.  Since then, her life has become decidedly less worldly. From present to past, Elise: is a stay at home mom to two children, one by birth and one by adoption, worked in Liberia with refugees, advocated for victims of violent crimes in Phoenix, received a Masters Degree in International Public Health from Harvard, worked all over East and West Africa, worked in DC with a pro-immigrant policy group, lived in Nepal for eighteen months trekking and setting up medical clinics, got a BA in sociology, graduated from Quaker high school, grew up as one of two children of professional musicians in North Carolina.  Despite the fact that her frequent flier miles are now less frequent, she is surprised every day by how happy she is to be hanging out with kids, making friends, getting to know the Great Inland Northwest Empire and enjoying the 3 seconds of conversation she gets with her husband each week.  In her spare time, she cultivates her secret desires to be an author or a Red Cross first responder.  Visit her at